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Just like our name suggests, at Cash for Junk Cars Plano we’ll buy any car, as low as a junk or scrap car! We understand how difficult it can be to search for a find a buyer. Not to mention how expensive and time consuming, making the whole endeavor barely worth your while. That’s why our process is super simple, easy, and fast.

That’s also why we don’t hassle you about your car, truck, or SUV. Whatever condition it’s in is good enough for us. We will buy any make, any model, of any year as well. There are almost no limits to the cars we will and will not buy! One thing we should mention though, before giving you a few examples displaying which kinds of cars we will buy, is that we do not buy burnt cars. We also do not buy RVs or campers. But we love everything else! Including:

What Types Of Cars Do We Buy??

Here are a few examples:


Your Beat Up Honda Civic

Your beat up Honda Civic that you used for 5 years to commute back and forth from school or work. You’ve put a ton of miles on this vehicle, and a lot of wear and tear over the years. It’s in pretty rough shape, and you’re having trouble finding a buyer. That’s what we’re here for! You just need to call us and get a free valuation, as well as an instant offer!


Work Trucks

Your more-than-a-little used or even nonfunctioning work truck, far passed its prime. This was a great truck over the years, and you’re a little sad to see it go. But it’s not worth anything anymore, at least not to you! We can definitely find its value, and pay you respectably for it! We’ll even come pick it up if it doesn’t run, at no extra cost!


Junk Cars

Your junk car that has been plaguing your lawn or field for ages, useless to everybody and expensive to remove. You know we’d love to come take it off your hands! So much that we’d even pay you for it, without charging you a cent for removal!


Scrap Cars

Your scrap car that is basically just a skeleton. Don’t bother with the expensive hassle of taking it to get recycled, we’ll take the burden off your hands and pay you for it on the spot!

So now you’ve got some idea what we’re looking for. If any of these descriptions match something of yours, and you need some cash today, give us a call at (469) 808-0654 and we’ll tell you exactly how much it’s worth!

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