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At Cash for Junk Cars Plano, we pride ourselves in having the most easy to use and convenient system, as well as superior customer service and satisfaction. We always treat our clients with respect, which includes honest and fair business.

We understand the difficulties that come with trying to sell a used or junk car. People are worried about the specific condition and not willing to make you a fair offer. You end up spending more time and money trying to find a buyer and haggle him down than the car, truck, or SUV might even be worth. That’s where we come in.

Our trained professionals are just waiting to receive your call. They will evaluate your vehicle right over the phone, providing a detailed estimate and making a fair offer with no strings attached. You can walk away at any time, taking with you the valuation of your car for free. Here’s a rundown of exactly what you can expect when you call us.

One of our team members will answer, providing you with top quality customer service.

They will ask you about your car, and you will provide as much detail as possible. This will include the year, make, model and condition. Don’t worry though; you know we buy any car in any condition!

We’ll give you a detailed valuation, and make an offer based on your description. You are not obligated to accept the offer, consider the valuation free if you’re not happy with it!

If you accept the offer, we’ll come over, usually that same day, and pick up your car, truck, or SUV! Even if it’s not functional, we’ll bring a tow truck with us to remove it for you at no extra cost!

We’ll give you your cash, right at your front door, at the same time as we remove your vehicle. At this point, you haven’t even had to move from the comfort of your own home and you’ve got cash in your hand!

And you’re finished, because our licensed professionals will do all the paper work and finalization in order to make this process that much easier for you!

As you can see, we have convenience and customer satisfaction built into the fabric of our business model. We are honest, upfront, extremely quick, and conveniently easy! So give us a call now at (469) 808-0654 and get your free quote! You could even have your cash today!


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